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As a last step in this guide is to select the type of the exam that would fit your needs and requirements as well as to get familiar with the details of the exams like duration, passing score, price and prerequisites.

Exam types

The Czech and Slovak Testing Board as an ISTQB® member board offers three variants of ISTQB® certification exams:
Open exams
Regular exam dates that anyone can sign up for. These exams are commonly conducted in Prague, Brno, Bratislava and Košice. We add other cities according to the interest of the candidates.
Online exams
CaSTB now also offers online exams from the comfort of your home. The tests are performed in a special mode, so please first familiarize yourself with the rules in the Examination rules.
Private exams
Private exams are provided for companies, training providers or groups of people on a date and place of their choice. However, it is necessary to have at least 6 candidates (4 in the case of an ISTQB® Partner Program member). You can request such a date via

More detailed information is available on the Examination rules page.

Exam rules

Exam modules

CaSTB currently offers the following ISTQB® Certification Exams. For details on single modules, see Certifications.

ISTQB® Certified Tested Foundation Level

Certification module (code) Language Duration (min)* Questions count Max score Pass score 65% Price w/o VAT**
CTFL v4.0 (CTFL) EN, CZ, SK 60/75 40 40 26 150 € / 3600 Kč***
CTFL 2018 v3.1.1 (CTFL) EN, DE, CZ, SK
Agile Tester (CTFL-AT) EN, CZ


ISTQB® Certified Tested Advanced Level

Certification module (code) Language Duration (min)* Questions count Max score Pass score 65% Price w/o VAT**
Test Manager (CTAL-TM) EN 180/225 65 115 75 200 € / 4800 Kč
Test Analyst v3.1 (CTAL-TA) 120/150 40 80 52
Technical Test Analyst v4.0 (CTAL-TTA) 120/150 45 78 51
Agile Technical Tester (CTAL-ATT) EN 90/113 40 64 42 150 € / 3600 Kč

Full Core (CTAL-Full)
Certificate is issued for free after completing CTAL TM, TA, TTA certifications. Send request to to get yours.


ISTQB® Certified Tested Specialist modules

Certification module (code) Language Duration (min)* Questions count Max score Pass score 65% Price w/o VAT**
Acceptance Tester (CT-AcT) EN 60/75 40 40 26 150 € / 3600 Kč
Automotive Software Tester (CT-AuT)
Gambling Industry Tester (CT-GT)
Game Testing (CT-GaMe)
Mobile Application Tester (CT-MAT)
Model-based Tester (CT-MBT)
Usability Testing (CT-UT)
AI Testing (CT-AI) 60/75 40 47 31 150 € / 3600 Kč
Performance Tester (CT-PT) 90/113 40 40 26 150 € / 3600 Kč
Test Automation Engineer (CT-TAE) 90/113 40 75 49 150 € / 3600 Kč
Security Tester (CT-Sec) 120/150 45 80 52 200 € / 4800 Kč


ISTQB® Certified Tested Expert Level

Certification module (code) Language Exam details Price w/o VAT**
Test Management Managing the Test Team (CTEL-TM-MTT) EN See Expert Level Exam Structure and Rules 250 € / 6000 Kč
Test Management Operational Test Management (CTEL-TM-OTM)
Test Management Strategic Test Management (CTEL-TM-SM)
Level Assessing Test Processes (CTEL-ITP-ATP) EN See Expert Level Exam Structure and Rules 250 € / 6000 Kč
Implementing Test Process Improvement (CTEL-ITP-ITPI)

* Candidates taking the exam in a language other than their native language and candidates with a handicap (e.g. dyslexia) will receive 25% extra time.
** The exam price is identical the same through all exam attempts and exam types.
*** Possibility to apply a 50% discount on CTFL 4.0 for holders of older versions of CTFL certificates.

Certification Authorities

Czech and Slovak Testing Board authorized Certification Authorities to perform the examination activities and provide examinations after each accredited training.

Depending on market demand, Certification Authorities are also providing examinations, which are not related to particular training (so-called open exams). If you are interested, please contact directly our certification authorities:


Czech and Slovak Testing Board

Certification Authority for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, member board of the ISTQB®

Czech Society for Quality

Česká společnost pro jakost

Certification Authority for the Czech Republic

Exam prerequisites

Some of the modules in the ISTQB® Certification Schema has hard prerequisites:

  • Foundation Level (CTFL) certificate is required to take an exam from any other ISTQB® module.
  • Candidates applying for Expert level certification are required to fulfil several criteria available on

Recommendations for successfully passing the exam are:

  • Have ~1 year of practical experience for Foundation Level modules and ~3 years of experience for Advanced Level modules.
  • Understand the topic described in the official Syllabus for the desired module available in Downloads section or on
  • Get familiar with the specific terms (keywords) in the desired module. ISTQB® Glossary is available for you in various languages for this purpose.
  • Use the literature mentioned in the syllabus to get more details on the theory or application of specific concepts mentioned in the Syllabus.
  • Check the Exam Structure and Rules for the desired module to get familiar with the content of the exam.
  • Check exam questions categorization known as K-Levels
  • Take the Sample Exam available for every module to dry test your knowledge. ATTENTION: Successful completion of the Sample Exam is in no way a guarantee for successful completion of the Certification Exam.
  • Take the accredited training offered by partners being accredited by CaSTB for specified modules. This is highly recommended especially for Advanced Level certifications.


Successful candidates will receive a certificate confirming their achievement in electronic form. All the successful candidates may be included in an ISTQB® Successful Candidates Registry available on (the request is sent with the examination application form).
The certificates are valid worldwide and its validity is unlimited, except Expert Level modules, where validity is set to 5 years.
If you have any questions or complaints about the examination process, please contact us on .


Any exam candiate can submit a complaint specific to:
  • Process of conducting the exam
    • Specifically, mistakes done by the exam organizer, or other inconsistencies in relation to the agreed conditions.
  • Question in the test
    • Errors in a specific question identified by the question number for the candidate.
Complaints can be communicated with the proctor or sent by email to .

Certification guide

Go through the 3 steps of the certification guide.

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