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ISTQB® Partner Program

The ISTQB® Partner Program is addressed to companies worldwide that place a high value on sound software testing – companies that are aiming to align the qualification of their employees with international standards and good practices associated with software testing.

The Program comprises four levels of partnerships (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Global) and the partnership level of an organization is determined through the number of certification points that have been accumulated as described below.

Necessary requirements Silver partners Golden partners Platinum partners Global partners
Certification points 5 14 30 see additional requirements
Additional requirements - 1 certification
3 certification
1 platinum level
2 gold levels in at least two different countries
Registration fee 0 EUR     0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Affiliate fee
(1st year)
300 EUR 600 EUR 1200 EUR 2000 EUR
Loyalty discount (after 1st year) 30 % 30 % 30 % 30 %

Benefits of the program

The main benefits of the program include:
  • the ability to use the ISTQB® Partnership Program logo on the organization's website or in marketing materials;
  • professional visibility in the local and international market and recognition of investments in the development of testing professionals;
  • official recognition stating the identity of the company / locality, the level of partnership achieved and the period of validity;
  • listing the organization on the ISTQB® website;
  • listing the organization on the CaSTB website;
  • the possibility of participating in events and conferences related to the ISTQB® (ISTQB Conference Network) under special conditions (like discounts);
  • access to the new ISTQB® curriculum in beta with the possibility of active participation in the form of revision;
  • promotion on CaSTB social networks;
  • promotion of the organization at conferences and professional events (co-)organized by CaSTB;
  • obtaining news from CaSTB (CaSTB Newsletter) and information about ISTQB® product plans (ISTQB® Roadmap);
  • the possibility of holding an ISTQB certification exam for a group of 4+ people on the organization's premises - saving time and travel costs;
  • free ISTQB certification vouchers (silver level: 50% discount on one CTFL / CTFL-AT certification per year | gold level: one CTFL / CTFL-AT certification per year | platinum level: two CTFL / CTFL-AT certifications per year) - possibility to use this benefit have  partners already from the first extension of the partnership (after the first year of the partnership).

For more information about the ISTQB® Partner Program, contact or visit the Downloads section to download the program documentation.
Organizations that have a real interest in improving the quality of their products and services invest in the education of their employees. Become a CaSTB partner yourself.

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