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Examination rules

General rules

All exams organized by CaSTB follow the general and technical rules given by ISTQB®. They are organized by trained professionals who oversee the course of the exam to ensure that the following rules are met:

  • Candidates have to have an ID or Passport to identify themselves.
  • Candidates that take the exam in a different language than their native one and candidates with disabilities (e.g. dyslexia) will receive an additional 25 % time.
  • Candidates that take the exam in a different language from their native one can use a paper dictionary to help with the translation or ask the proctor for the translation on the smartphone.
  • All the examination papers and notes have to be returned to a proctor or destroyed in any case.

Candidates are not allowed to:

  • use any kind of study materials
  • use any kind of help from others
  • use smartphones, headphones, or any wearables
  • leave the room/pc during the examination, even for the toilet

In the case of cheating, the exam session will be interrupted, and your exam attempt will be considered as failed.

A proctor will provide more details on the exam at the beginning of the exam session.

Requirements for online exams

The online exam follow the rules defined by the ISTQB, therefore each candidate must meet all of the following conditions and rules, otherwise the online exam would not be allowed.

  • Desktop PC or laptop with working webcam and a microphone.
    System requirements: Windows 8 and higher, Mac OS X and higher, ChromeOS and most Linux distributions (Ubuntu 14.04+ , Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.3+).
  • Tablet or smartphone with a camera and charger.
    The device has to be well charged or charging and you have to have the ability to download a ProctorExam app (34MB) for Android v5.1 or higher and iOS v10.0 or higher.
  • Google Chrome browser installed.
    Please make sure that you have the administrator rights in order to add the ProctorExam extension to your browser.
  • Ability to open and in Google Chrome.
    Make sure your firewall or company restrictions does not block you in order to open these two URLs. Logging in is not required.
  • ID card, driving license or passport.
    You will need to identify yourself before the exam.
  • Stable internet connection with minimum upload speed of 10 Mbps.
    In order to run the exam without any problems, you need to have a steady internet connection without VPN using Wi-Fi with a minimum upload speed of 10 Mbps. Please be aware that you CANNOT USE THE MOBILE DATA! Internet speed can be verified, for example, via
  • Quiet, bright, and isolated place.
    You will need to be alone in the room, which is well lit and quiet. Talking during the exam is not allowed.
  • Be on time.
    Connect to your session at the defined time. Being late can cause an exam session to expire before you connect to it.
  • Have a maximum of one active screen.
    Other screens have to be physically disconnected or turned off in operating system settings.
  • Do not wear headphones or any other wearables.
    In the case of a desktop PC without an embedded microphone, you can use a headset but leave it on the table.
  • Use notebooks, books, or a calculator.
    Notes can be made directly in the system or on a sheet of paper approved by the proctor, which you will discard in the end. The proctor will provide the translations via chat, or you can use a regular dictionary. The calculator is available in the system.

Exam questions

Exam questions provided by CaSTB are reviewed by several specialists in the area specific to the ISTQB® module. As a result of this, we can confirm that all the exam questions comply with the following:

  • Exam Structure and Rules for the specific modules which define the number of questions and their types for every chapter of the Syllabi.
  • Exam Writing Rules and Recommendations (not a public document), which defines tens of rules for the exam questions.
  • Certification and Examination Processes that define the way how the exam is run


Candidates will receive the exam results and certificate by email within 5 or 7 days after the exam. This period may be extended in the event of due to thorough revision of the exam results.

All the successful candidates are included in an ISTQB® Successful Candidates Registry available on
The certificates are valid worldwide and their validity is unlimited, except for Expert Level modules, where validity is set to 5 years.

Exam cancellation

In case of withdrawal from the exam (cancellation, do not attend the exam, or change of the exam date), we reserve the right to charge the following fees:

  • FREE more than 7 days before the exam
  • 40 EUR / 1000 CZK service fee 7 or less days before the exam

Information about exam cancellation must be sent by email to

The fee covers the costs associated with the preparation of the exam, which arise even if the candidate does not participate. We will not claim the fee in cases where the candidate has objective reasons that prevent him from participating in the exam.

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