Czech and Slovak Testing Board

ISTQB Certification Examination (Bratislava – 2019-07-10)

Public ISTQB certification examination in Bratislava on July 10, 2019.

Modules: CTFL (120 EUR), CTFL-AT (120 EUR), CTFL-PT (150 EUR), CTFL-AUT (150 EUR), CTFL-MBT (150 EUR), CTFL-MAT (150 EUR), CTAL-TM (180 EUR), CTAL-TA (180 EUR), CTAL-TTA (180 EUR), CTAL-TAE (200 EUR), CTAL-SEC (200 EUR)

Examination fees:
Application form:

Registration process: (1) select an exam date according to the preferred location (2) register to the exam via email ( or (3) provide invoicing data (4) pay the invoice (4) download the application form and take it to the exam

If you are interested, please contact us at