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Exam types

Czech and Slovak Testing Board as the official member board of the ISTQB® offers three types of ISTQB® Certification Exams:

All current exam dates are published in News section or on our Facebook. If you didn’t found the date which suites you, contact us at

Exam modules

CaSTB currently offers the following ISTQB® Certification Exams. For details on single modules, see Certifications.

ISTQB® Certified Tested Foundation Level (CTFL)
Certification module (code) Exam language Exam duration (min)* Questions count Max points Passing score (65%) Price (w/o VAT)**
CTFL v2018 (CTFL) EN/CZ/SK 60/75 40 40 26 120€ / 3000kč
Agile Tester (CTFL-AT) EN
Acceptance Tester (CTFL-AcT) EN 60/75 40 40 26 150€ / 3800kč
Automotive Software Tester (CTFL-AuT)
Gambling Industry Tester (CTFL-GT)
Mobile Application Tester (CTFL-MAT)
Model-based Tester (CTLF-MBT)
Usability Tester (CTFL-UT)
Performance Tester (CTFL-PT) EN 90/113 40 40 26 150€ / 3800kč


ISTQB® Certified Tested Advanced Level (CTAL)
Certification module (code) Exam language Exam duration (min)* Questions count Max points Passing score (65%) Price (w/o VAT)**
Test Manager (CTAL-TM) EN 180/225 65 115 75 180€ / 4600kč
Test Analyst v2019 (CTAL-TA) 120/150 40 80 52
Technical Test Analyst v2019 (CTAL-TTA) 120/150 45 76 49
Agile Technical Tester (CTAL-ATT) 90/113 40 64 48 200€ / 5100kč
Security Tester (CTAL-Sec) 120/150 45 80 52 200€ / 5100kč
Test Automation Engineer (CTAL-TAE) 90/113 40 75 49 200€ / 5100kč
Full Core (CTAL-Full) achieved by completing CTAL TM, TA, TTA free

* Candidates that take the exam in a different language as their native one and candidates with disabilities (e.g. dyslexia) will receive an additional 25% time.
** Price of all exam attempts and types is the same.

ISTQB® Certified Tested Expert Level (CTEL)

Expert level certification exams are currently not provided by CaSTB. Contact us on for information on how you can attend such an exam.

Exam prerequisites

Some of the modules in the ISTQB® Certification Schema has hard prerequisites:

Recommendations for successfully passing the exam are:

Exam application

This procedure applies also to candidates repeating the exam. There is no strict delay between the exam attempts.

Exam cancellation

Exam cancellation is charged based on the following rules:

Exam cancellation should be delivered by email to

Exam rules

All exams organized by CaSTB are run by trained proctors which are supervising the exam session, so the following rules are met:

Candidates are not allowed to:

In the case of cheating, the exam session will be interrupted, and your exam attempt will be considered as failed

More details on the exam will be provided by a proctor at the beginning of the exam session.

Online exam rules

If the candidates will not meet all of the following rules, online exams would not be allowed.

COVID-19 safety measures

Due to the latest development of COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we encourage all attendees to:

Exam questions

Exam questions provided by CaSTB are being reviewed by several specialists in the area specific to the module or the area of ISTQB® examination. As a result of this, we can confirm that all the exam questions comply with:


Successful candidates will receive a certificate confirming their achievement in electronic form. All the successful candidates may be included in an ISTQB® Successful Candidates Registry available on (the request is sent with the examination application form).

The certificates are valid worldwide and its validity is unlimited, except Expert Level modules, where validity is set to 5 years.

If you have any questions or complaints about the examination process, please contact us on