Czech and Slovak Testing Board


What are CTAL-TA and CTAL-TTA?

CTAL-TA is a Test Analyst responsible for test case design, using black box test case design techniques. Focus is on functional testing and usability testing. CTAL-TTA is a Technical Test Analyst responsible for test automation, using black box and white box test case design techniques. Focus is on non-functional testing.

What is the difference (relation) between ISTQB and CaSTB?

ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a not-for-profit association legally registered in Belgium. The ISTQB® creates the syllabi, manages all the activities of the Working Groups and defines the rules for accreditation and certification; it acts as umbrella organization for all its Member Boards.

CaSTB is one of the Member Boards and it operates in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.
CaSTB is also a non-profit organization.
CaSTB translates the syllabi in Czech and Slovak, accredits local training providers and performs exams through Czech Society for Quality (in Czech Republic) and Slovak Society for Quality (Slovak Republic).

What are the roles of CaSTB, CSQ and SSK in the certification process?

CaSTB, as an ISTQB Member Board, translates syllabi, acredits training providers and prepares exams.
CSQ and SSK, as examination bodies, organize exams and are subject to ISO17024 standard (an International Standard which sets out criteria for an organization’s certification program for individual persons).
For the organizational issues of the exams, or to apply for an exam, please contact directly CSQ or SSK. For any other issues, contact CaSTB.

Is there any validity period for ISTQB® certification?

What is the examination format?

How much does the exam cost?

Where can I take the exam?